Orange County Music Awards

The Orange County Music Awards were held last Saturday at The Grove in Anahiem, California.
 My good friend George Bernal was nominated for the People's Choice Award for his band Canvas. His day job is making signs and he actually made all of the signs for our retail stores. 
Melanie and I went along to show our support not only for George but for all the great musical talent in our home town, Orange County.
Melanie and I
 George and the girls from Canvas
Here's the crew from AKORN Entertainment. They make films and approached us last year to make a short film on HARVEYS. It should be done soon. I'll post it on the blog as soon as it's finished. They also produced all the videos for the awards show. 
 Before Mark McGrath was a host on EXTRA he was in a band called Sugar Ray out of Orange County. They were honored with the 2010 Orange County Impact Award.
Some of my favorite bands started out right here in Orange County, No Doubt, Offspring, Lit, Sugar Ray, Social Distortion,  etc... It was great to see some new rising stars at this years show.