LTD Edition Release Party

Before going to the LTD Event I stopped at STARBUCKS and picked up 6 Venti Upside Down Carmel Macchiato sugar-free Vanilla Syrup an extra shot of espresso w/ whip. I had a contest for the blog readers that if anyone could recite the entire name by heart I would present them with a little gift (This coffee and a , soon to be released, HARVEYS lanyard)

The first 30 bags came with these exclusive duster bags
The line Started at around 6am.
Our Retail Store Managers: Karla, from Chino Hills, Chris, from Melrose and Trisha from Santa Ana (where the event was held) Chris is holding the numbered tickets that where given to those in line in the order they arrived to ensure everybody got the bags that corresponded with their place in line.
Olivia was the first in line so she decided to purchase both bags. She has quite a big collection of LTD edition bags but these are her first #1's.
The first in line and the first to recite the coffee name. See, it pays to read my blog.
This Mother and Daughter brought their knitting which not only gave them something to do but it kept them warm too. I loved the color combinations, turquoise and brown and the mixed black, grey and white.
Mom was kind enough to give me a little ball of wool. Hmmm. maybe a future LTD edition bag.
I had so much fun hanging out with everyone in line. I got to meet a lot of blog readers. Kisha (left) I posted a picture of her LTD edition collection, which she told me got her into a little bit of trouble with her friends and family. They knew she had a lot of HARVEYS bags because they'd see her with different bags all the time but when I posted the picture, they got to see exactly how many she really has. Angel (second left) is our luckiest customer. I lost count of how many free bags she's won at our events. Once she won 2 bags at one event. I was also happy to meet Angry Julie (far right). She has an awesome blog angryjuliemonday.com from which we get a lot of referrals. She's also a big "Monster" fan. (see can in her left hand) you have to check out her blog. In the future I'd like to do a bag giveaway on her blog. Stay tuned.
It was great seeing everyone with their different HARVEYS bags. This "SeatbeltBUG" bag was our first print ever.
Lacey describes herself as "Plum Crazy"

Spotted this T-shirt that was from the release of the Cupcake LTD edition bag.
We raffled off a few bags and Stacy won this Leopard Rose boxy tote. She was so excited because she had actually been eyeing it for some time.
Ashley coordinated the event and did an amazing job putting everything together. Thanks Ashley. Loved the Coffee and Candy Bar.