A Dozen things you should know about Katie Schutte...

 Last Friday was the opening of Katie's art show, "Get Hooked". Her Seatbeltstrap tote was voted by you as a winner of the INTRO art competition. We wanted to find out more about Katie so we asked her some very random questions.

My Favorite city is… Nara.  I got to spend a few days there last summer when I went to Japan.  You can walk through this awesome park where deer roam around and buy crackers to feed them, as well as see a bunch of different shrines and a temple that has the world’s largest statute of Buddha inside it.  There are also a ton of neat little shops and the food was great. In the picture of the deer, you can see what happens when you drop a cracker.

My Favorite color… right now is orange. I also tend to use a lot of blue in my work.  If you look at the glass beads I made last summer, you can see many of the color combinations I like.

My all time favorite movie is… The Nightmare before Christmas.  The Halloween and Christmas seasons are not complete until I have watched the movie and listen to the sound track at least once for each holiday.

Right now I like listening to… I:Scintilla, an industrial band out of Chicago.

My nickname growing up was… Peanut. Yes, my parents still occasionally call me that.
My favorite drink is… definitely coffee. With cream and at anytime of the day.

My favorite snack food is… veggies and dip. I like other snack things, but I really love vegetables.

The thing I liked most about working with Harveys is… how nice and professional everyone was! It was such a great experience to work with such an awesome group of people!

When I grow up I want to be…When I was younger, I wanted to study strange animals like giant squid, but I think I’m going to stick with trying to be a professional artist.  I would also like to teach jewelry and metalsmithing classes too.  There's a picture of my work bench.  You can see a little of my skeleton apron hanging on the chair.  My mom got it for me one year; it glows in the dark!

People tell me I look like…I’ve only had one person tell me I look like anyone famous and she said I reminded her of Punky Brewster.

I want to give a shout out to my peeps…. My sisters, Kelly and Kerry, my brother Matt, my parents, my boyfriend Will, Erika, Ashley, Ta, Alysia, Chris, Tim, Emily, and everyone at Miami University, especially the Art department, for all their support!

I recommend reading...Victorian ghost stories.  I have also been downloading them to listen to when I work on my art.  They are some of the creepiest stories ever.