2 days left

I'm really looking forward to the LTD release party at the Santa Ana store. The sewing machines are buzzing and the bags are rolling hot off the press. It's very exciting. We take great care to ensure each bag is assigned it's own numbered label, the custom lining is hand screened, the hangtags are hand stamped then they're all packaged up.

Coming up with the colors and names is so much fun for all of us and we're all sworn to secrecy until the big launch party.

If you're wondering how we came up with the name: "Venti Upside-Down, Soy Caramel Macchiato with Sugar-free Vanilla Syrup an extra shot of espresso w/whip" Well not only is it indicative of the colors used in the bag it was actually inspired by my favorite Starbucks Coffee order.

Melanie just picked one up for me. If you speak "Starbucks" you can read the side or you can just call it "That LTD edition bag with the really long coffee name"

The first 5 people to see me at the Release party and recite the entire name without one mistake (on the first try) will get a little gift.  See you there.