It's What's Inside that Counts

First I want to say how much fun I had with this contest. It was great to see all the different HARVEYS bags and how each one took on the personality of their owner.

I had over a hundred entries and enjoyed looking at and responding to each and every one but let me tell you, it was darn near impossible to pick just 5. You are all winners in my eyes (I know it sounds cheesy)

So as impossible as it was, here are the TOP 5 that will each receive a HARVEYS coin purse and lanyard.
Jenn Bruto: sweetest accessories
Kelly J. Barker: Most Charitable
Kristi Waski: Most Artistic
Dee Thackeray: Best Matching Background (she made the patchwork quilt)
Dixie Tisha Switzer: Best Matching Pet

Here are 20 runner-ups that deserve an honorable mention.
Kylie Ingram: Most HARVEYS accessories (5)

Annaliese G: Most Studious (she's a college student)
Alex Fedie: Most Colorful accessories
Melody Raguini: Most Tree-cycled
Tenley Kolzow:  Most Bobby Pins
Lauren Hatz: Most unique bag (custom painted)
Samantha Garner: Blackest
Anna Woith: Most interesting electronic device (car stereo)
Jeanne Larson: Most Color Co-ordinated and Most gift/credit cards
Eileen Engebretson: Most Kitty Co-ordinated

Lisa Chen: Whitest Carpet
Hui Ling Lai: Most Crafty (makes jewelry)
Jenny: Most Designer Brands
Kelly: Most gum and Most Lip gloss... Most Kissable 
Jodi Bartling: Cutest Kid Pics
Sara Q: Most environmentally conscious 
Linda Hendricks: Best Bag Accessory 
Julia Marquis: Most Educational (she's an elementary school teacher)
Mary Xiong: Strangest Item (pomegranate)
Most Stuff in the Smallest bag (Paint by numbers mini-convertible tote)