Tough Love contest

Last week I asked you how many Tough Love styles we've done in the past. I'll be honest even I wasn't 100% sure. After some archive searching we came up with the answer. 1 mini-baguette, 4 different make-up bags, 1 boxy and and 1 mixed-size-seatbelt tote. So not including this years additions there have been 7. We had over 40 entries with guesses from 0 all the way up to 12 but can you believe nobody guessed 7. So to be fair I put all the names in a hat and picked one. And the winner is...
Tina Littlefield. Congratulations, a Nancy Chui tote is on it's way to you.

Mini Baguette

pink make up bag

These Three Make up bags. Obviously not the Large Tote in Red.

Boxy Tough Love with Heart Charm

mixed-sized-seatbelt Medium Tote