Ever wonder where your bag was built? Join us for a virtual tour of our Studio in Santa Ana, California where every Seatbeltbag is lovingly designed, hand built and shipped out fresh to your doorstep or a store near you. Please, come on in.

Hello, Harveys. This is Lindsey how may I help you?
The INTRO totes on display in our front lobby.
Coco guards our collection of LTD editions
Matt Stallings painted this picture of Melanie and I, with the Buick that inspired the very first bag (a red small tote) and Rocky. It hangs in our lobby
Our conference room proudly displays our core values.
The Marketing team: Lauren, Dave and Malia.
The Sales team: Irene, Alex, Lindsey and Joe. Wait where's Paul?
There he is
Nicole our Chief Operations Officer.
Rocky hanging out in Nicole's office. Hmmm. Maybe because she's always slipping him treats.
I knew it!
Cheryl and Carin from accounting
The painted Vespa that Gary Baseman designed sits on display in our design department
Melanie Harvey working with Temoc on the latest handbag designs.
Our library where we sometimes go for inspiration or just to read and chillax
Sharpie, one of our official INTRO sponsors, gave us a lifetime supply of every color in the rainbow to help us sketch and design. Thanks Sharpie.
Your bag starts its life as a roll of seatbelt
Then it's measured and cut to exact specifications
The thread is color-matched then the bag is stitched and woven
Jenny heads the weaving department and just finished assembling this Treecycle large tote
George installs the metal feet on the bottom of every bag
Julia screen printing the Treecycle design using enviromentally-friendly ink on hemp lining.
Billy inspects this woven bag with lining stitched inside before it's sent off to get the top and handles
Thomas puts the finishing touches on a Lola Satchel then it's off to...
Our quality control area where every bag (or Teddy Bear) is inspected then taken to... 
The shipping area where it waits to be...
Boxed up and sent out to your doorstep.

 I guess this concludes our virtual tour. I hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you so much for stopping by and please come back and see us soon.