Get Checked!

This is a special Breast Cancer awareness tote designed for and inspired by women, of all ages, who are either affected first hand, at high risk, or simply want to support the cause. To encourage all women to “GET CHECKED” regularly. After all, early detection is the best prevention.

$75 of the purchase price will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

There is even an option for you to personalize the donation made on your behalf!

Get Checked! Convertible Tote $138

Originally planned to release in October 2009, Breast Cancer Awareness month, we've decided on an early launch in order to meet rally/walk/fundraising needs.

Official launch of the Get Checked! Convertible Tote is Thursday September 17, 2009...
...BUT, since we've been getting so many calls and emails about Get Checked!,
we're offering a pre-order!

To reserve your Get Checked! Convertible Tote call 877-666-BAGS

Together, we can make a difference!