Winter/ Holiday 2009 Photoshoot

We just wrapped up our Winter/Holiday '09 PhotoShoot. We decided it would be fun to do a California Winter theme in the desert and found this cool location just 1 hour away from our Head Quarters in Santa Ana. It's an old abandoned movie set complete with, Motel, Truck Stop, Saloon, gas station, Work Shop and more. 

Julie, Malia and Ashley pose as we fill up. 

After what seemed like forever we spot our location like a mirage in the desert.
Julie Sarinana styled out our Model, Mackenzie. Check out Julie's fashion blog, Sincerely Jules
These old trailers were parked in back. I love how our newer 2006 Airstream looks almost identical to this 1959 model. 
My sister-in-law, Alex owns a vintage shop so I raided her stock for props
I loved the old pickups. Looks like you're back in the 50's at a service station.
The Yucca trees are one of the only things that can survive out here.
Roast Beef Sandwich...90 cents. 

I figured it out... that's about $1.30 a gallon
It was a pleasure working with fashion photographer Grant Yoshino

Lunch time

Bridgit Johnston putting the finishing touches on Mackenzie.

Juice Box
Someone found a golf ball out in the desert and Dave happened to bring a club with him.

We had a ton of fun on this shoot then we loaded up in the Navigator and drove off into the sunset.