Reservations Required - Black Label Photoshoot

Want you to check out our latest Men's Collection, Black Label. It's due to launch this winter. Here's a behind the scenes look at the photoshoot. 

It's business time. Nicollette (an in-house photographer) gets Steve Ditchkus 
warmed up and ready to work. 

Ashley gets Steve into character... playing the part of Cool Rider.

Another shot of Nicollette and Steve, this time with Temoc supervising. He's the guy behind Nic with his arms crossed. He's also my partner in design. 

We found this old loading dock behind the railroad tracks. A real hidden gem. 

Steve puts his shoes on one at a time... just like the rest of us. He just looks really cool doing it. 

Check 1, 2... Ashley participating in a quick light check. 
She really enjoys this part of her job. She takes it pretty seriously. 

Temoc, Designer and Stylist.

And that's a wrap!