I've always been a huge Apple fan. My very first computer was an Apple IIe way back in 1990. I still use an Apple today and recently purchased the new iPhone after waiting for a year for my old cell phone contract to end. I love all things Apple so when we were asked to make a custom laptop bag exclusively for Apple stores I said "HELL YEAH!!!"

Here's what I carry in mine:
*  Chargers for my iPhone, Camera and MacBook
*  head phones
*  my old Raybans that I've managed not to loose since the 90's
*  2009 Planner
*  Rat Fink Camera case w/Cannon Power Shot
*  Dice Magazine
*  My lucky Dice
*  Australian cash from my recent trip (scouting store locations)
*  Harveys key chain
*  Note book for sketching new bag ideas
*  Think bar
*  My wife, Melanie's business cards (I ran out of mine)
*  Postcards from the HARVEYS Melrose store.
*  MacBook Pro
*  iPhone
*  Cashmere Beanie (for the morning chill)

The Apple x Harveys laptop bag is only available at select Apples stores while supplies last. Or check out our other laptop bags @ seatbeltbags.com