Health @ Go Rilla! Gallery

Friday night I checked out the opening of "Health" at Go Rilla! Gallery. The artist group reigning from San Diego included, Monica Hoover, Neco, Chandu Reading, Thatkidpeep!, Adam Hathorn, Die Kuts and Surge. One of the artists, Monica Hoover, curated the show. She's also been the HARVEYS photographer for nearly 5 years now. She's a busy gal... We're shooting the HARVEYS Fall '09 collection on Monday. Click here to find out more about Go Rilla! Gallery


Monica Hoover et al. Sorry for the blurry pic Monica. That's why we hire you for our Photo Shoots. Right? Notice she's sporting her HARVEYS bag.

Malia mixed it up at the bar with side kick Melanie Harvey.

What... this old bag?

George my guitar player

What's up Neko.

Nicole and her peeps keeping dry